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Great day in Shiner!

Reports are in that the inaugural TYCTWD in Shiner was a hit! Turning their regular brewery tours up a notch for the day,  it sounds like both the group of 30 or so fans and the brewery employees thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They’ve captured some of it on film and also have pictures which will be cut together and shared soon. In the meantime, here’s a preview shot of Brewmaster Jimmy Mauric (in white) with fans:

jimmy + tour

The brewery also ended up tweeting the tour so that @ShinerBeers 1,900 followers could play along – one person even coining the term TWITTOUR! A big congrats to all involved, and special thanks to Libby for bringing the idea to life. More stories to share soon!

Shiner Beers Is In

I’m excited to share that Shiner Beers, of Shiner Texas, will be participating next week. They plan to ‘take an already existing brewery tour and turn it up a notch – by inviting super fans, introducing the new summer beer & hosting a discussion/Q&A with the brewmaster.’ Sounds like it’ll be a great time for all involved. Big thanks to Libby and Jason for hooking it up.