As a Company

We’d love to have you on board. Our goal is to get as many organizations as possible participating and to celebrate those responsible businesses.

This being a very grassroots initiative, there is no formal registration process. Just let us know you’re interested and tell us how you see things working for your company, either in the comments below or with an email to hazell.sean[at] Leading up to the date, we’ll continue to collect and showcase how organizations will be executing the idea; and after we’ll set-up a hub for your photos and video.

If you’re still stumped on how this could work for your company, check out the examples at the bottom of this page or on the blog for some inspiration. Or feel free to shoot us a note (Sean’s gmail above) and we can try to set-up some time to kick around ideas.

As a Customer

Is there a business you’ve always wanted to learn a bit more about? A closed-door you’ve wanted to get behind? Maybe you could let them know about the idea and suggest they participate. Worst thing that happens is they squirm a bit and make up a poor excuse (which might actually be sort of fun to experience).

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