Take Your Customer to Work Day is a day when organizations open up their doors and invite customers into the workplace to meet employees and better understand how their business works

“Why should my business participate?”

Transparency builds trust. Trust is at an all-time premium given today’s economy. This initiative demonstrates the respect your company has for your customers. It offers them the opportunity to get to know your business a little better, and in the process lets you get to know your customers a little better. It makes your business more human, and your people more real.

“How can it work for my company?”

There’s no specific right way to Take Your Customer To Work. Whether you’re in an office, factory or retail space – what’s important is you give your customer a behind the scenes glimpse of what you do; have your people represent your brand for the day; and let customers see for themselves what truly makes your company special.

With a little creativity and willingness, I’m sure you can find some way to make it work for your business. Open Houses are probably the most straight forward option, but below are a few other transparency initiatives some responsible companies have run in the past:

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

9 responses to “About

  1. Great idea, Sean. I hope you get a great response.


  2. Love the idea.

    Would like to table a ‘sister’ event – Take Your Agency Partner to Work Day.

    For example, the account team at a client’s creative agency spends the morning at the media agency; and the two groups spend the afternoon back at the ad agency. Would foster learning and empathy (i.e. real team-building), and both agencies would look like stars to the shared client(s).

  3. Great Idea Sean. My friend Erica was involved with the Pampers Mommy blogger event. It was a huge success for Pampers – especially as it related to new product innovation
    See you soon!

  4. Thanks for the support guys! Anthony – let’s make it happen. Worked for some little companies named P&G and google.

  5. How can We participate in this ?

    Is this limited to some geographic ?

    Just thinking aloud, this is great idea for small businesses. Can you create a badge sort of thing so that we can put it up on website and claim we are part of org which does this ?! and we would be happy to have cust walkins to see how we work ?


    • Great Ravi – I’ve included Tatvic on the list. There are no geographic restrictions, and no particular right way to Take Your Customer To Work – so give some thought to what works best for your company.

      A badge is a great idea, too. I’m going to put something together soon.

  6. Great Idea!. Although were a very small company, how can we be a part?

    • Great Elissa! How you participate is up to you. The idea is designed to give your customers a behind the scenes glimpse of your business – so just give some thought to what works best for your company (there are a couple example on this site). If you let me know what you’re thinking, I’ll feature your plans here as well!


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