Some Commentary

When I first wrote about this idea I was really encouraged by all the positive feedback. Below’s a small sample of the response – you can find a bunch more in the comment section of the original post.

I absolutely love the idea. So many companies have this insular approach to customers, that they “wouldn’t understand” or that the real grit of the daily business would just scare them away. We all work somewhere, & we all consume. This would help make the business-to-consumer relationship a lot more human-to-human. – Geoff

A clever idea about interacting with customers, particularly for b2b sellers. – Seth Godin (who delivered most of the traffic to the post).

This is fantastic. So much of what is done in the world seems to be behind the scenes, not really understood who is doing it. This would help build better teams – I figure my accountant, pizza shop, post office, etc. are all on my team. Currently they are invisible, but this would make the work they do visible. Nice. – Jacqueline

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